SFB Update 9.2.1

New Features

  • Added website icons beside the tab buttons

Other Changes

  • Changed and improved appearance of tab buttons
  • Changed “Share” option in the overflow menu to “Copy Address”
  • Changed “Add Tab” button from text to icon
  • Greatly increased app stability

Bug Fixes

All known glitches
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SFB Update 9.2.0d

Bug fixes

  • On some occasions, going back would take you to a blank page – now fixed
  • In the tab menu, tabs now display the correct website title after opening a link in a new tab
  • Fixed opening links in new tabs sometimes not loading correct URL
  • Fixed new tabs that were previously deleted, loading desktop instead of mobile
  • Fixed links that open new windows when clicking them, crashing the browser


  • Users are now asked if you want to close the current tab instead of exit the app
  • Popup windows open in new tab in the background
  • Opening links in a new tab opens the link in the background
  • Added an animation to the sliding tab menu for when a link is opened in a new tab
  • Improved reliability throughout the browser
  • Updated user agents

SFB Update 9.2.0c

Added long press

  • Users can now open links in new tabs, copy link address, download images and more

Bug Fixes

  • Toolbar not hiding while viewing fullscreen video
  • Options menu not closing when history dialog opened
  • Fullscreen video not being displayed correctly in horizontal mode

Small UI modifications

  • Changed font style and size of some items in the sliding tabs menu
  • Improved the rating popup to show a five star bar

Super Fast Browser Update 9.2.0

Small UI modifications

  • Elevation on the URL bar
  • Background colour of settings changed to light grey

Bug fixes

  • Tab changing not properly deleting and recreating tabs.
  • URL bar not displaying correct URL when tab changed
  • Videos and audio still playing when a tab is changed/deleted


Large Super Fast Browser Update

Be sure to check out the new update.

Improvements include:

  • New bookmarks
  • A collapsing toolbar
  • Improved tabs
  • Colour changes
  • Free games provided by Gamezop
  • App introduction for new users

Expect another update within a couple of days – I plan on adding pull to refresh, website icons to the tabs and much much more. Busy times!

UI Update

Working hard on making a much more visually pleasing user interface for Super Fast Browser (+) which will also be a lot easier to use!