SFB Update SFB

Many new features, improvements and changes!


  • Tabs that you did not close, now stay open if you exit the app so that you don’t lose your session
  • Tab text size reduced slightly and restricted to only one line
  • Tabs now show the title of the tab’s content instead of a shortened version of the URL

Improved Fullscreen Video

  • Faster
  • Status bar and other on-screen controls hidden now
  • Landscape orientation by default

Improved the progress bar

  • Overall progress takes redirects into account
  • Only disappears when it has completely finished loading (redirects included)


  • Changed progress bar and pull-to-refresh colors to fit the app’s current color scheme
  • Overflow menu option “Give a rating!” now hides to users that have placed a rating
  • Greatly improved the efficiency of writing history

Bug Fixes

  • Pull-to-refresh thinking its at the top of the page (where pull to refresh is then enabled) even when it’s not.
    • (For nerds) This only occured on webpages with sticky headers (such as Google News and Reddit) This was because the browser cannot track every single scroll contained, it was tracking the sticky header’s scroll container and because that was stuck, it thought the whole webpage was also at the top.

Lots of new features, improvements and some bug fixes coming very soon


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the top address bar rarely thinking singular words are URLs
  • Fixed history writing
  • Fixed file uploading


  • Added shade behind all popup menus for all Android Lollipop devices and below

SFB Update

Minor bug fixes/changes.

New things:

  • New homepage
  • Option to remove adverts without purchasing the “Pro” version

Reduced app size from 7.05 MB to 4.41 MB

SFB Update

Whats New

  • Added settings within the bookmarks popup – allowing you to edit what links you want within the speed dial!
  • The URL bar will no longer refresh if you are entering an address at the time, and will refresh only once you have finished

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with bookmarks joining together instead of remaining separate when adding & removing lots of bookmarks
  • Re-added popup for closing a tab/exiting the app instead of double pressing your device’s back button

SFB Update

Whats new

  • Improved search bar
  • Added language support for the following
    • Arabic
    • French
    • Russian
    • Hindi
  • Bookmarks – early development

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue when writing history, causing exception on some devices running Android versions 4.0.3 -> 4.3
  • Fixed a couple of issues with scroll to refresh
  • Disabled tab menu when in fullscreen video

Huge Milestone & SFB Update to Come

We just reached the 500,000 downloads milestone with Super Fast Browser!

What’s to come in the next update?

  • Pull to refresh
  • Find text in page
  • More full and extensive settings
  • Latest Fillr Autofill version

And more