SFB Update 10.0.1-001a

10.0.1-001a is a large restructuring update. There aren’t many new features, but a tonne of work went into it and major back-end improvements have been made.

Whats New

  • No more tab limit
  • Popup menus (when you hold on a link for example) now have icons next to the options
  • You can edit bookmarks from the bookmark menu now
  • Overall performance improved

Bug fixes have also been made.

SFB Update 9.3.2-001a

Whats New

  • Added timestamp to history
  • New bookmarks
    • Full bookmark customization
    • Added indicator to show page successfully bookmarked
    • Added bookmark option menu
  • New certificate viewer


  • Improved progress bar animation

Bug fixes

SFB Update 9.3.2-000a

What’s New

  • Address bar search suggestions


  • Major tab backend restucturing – app performance and efficiency improved
  • Changed how history and bookmarks are written – now more efficient
  • Downloaded files
    • Permission requests improved for Android 7.0+
    • Downloaded files now get placed in their relevant directory
  • Due to user feedback, fullscreen adverts have been removed

Bug fixes

  • Bugs occurring when trying to purchase upgrade

SFB Update 9.3.1-hydris_004b

Whats New

  • New much cleaner homepage
  • Minor UI changes (changed pull to refresh indicator and progress bar color from cyan to a darker shade of blue)

Performance Improvements

  • Made the toolbar’s hide/show animation much smoother
  • Greatly improved the efficiency of searching/entering addresses through the address bar
  • Improved efficiency of setting the address bar URL color

Bug Fixes

  • Random crashes caused by address bar


Thank you beta testers, all 250 of you!

SFB Update 9.3.0-hydris_003b

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes crashing when exiting from fullscreen video
  • Sometimes crashing when trying to upgrade to full version
  • App not listed in “open in browser” option
  • No connection page sometimes continuously reloading

Speed dial customization screen improvements

  • New reset to default option
  • New option to change the color of the speed dial
  • For speed dials that are edited by the user, the icon sets to the first letter of the speed dial title (instead of a previous, globe icon)

Minor UX changes

  • Tab menu closes when a different tab is selected
  • Tab menu closes when a new tab is made
  • Stopped the address bar gaining focus when the app starts initially

Minor UI changes

  • Improved shading for popups on devices running old Android versions
  • Modified the no connection screen

Improved toolbar

  • Cancel option within the address bar to cancel loading

Improved security

  • New lock symbol is shown depending on whether or not the website has a valid certificate
  • New protection layer for users, so they have a hurdle to pass before accessing a potentially harmful website

Improved the sliding tab menu

  • Now slides over the content instead of behind the content
  • Increased new tab animation speed


If you want to view a complete list of everything changed in this update, you can read more via the project’s GitHub Wiki

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SFB Update and Whats to Come

Whats New

  • New menu that shows when holding on links
  • Even more language support. Check if your favoured language was added here: https://aesirapps.com/sfb-faq/
  • Changed how users open the app from external links
  • Improved the page that shows when there is no internet connection
  • Improved how tab text is set
  • Changed the ‘open in new tab’ popup menu option animation to a faint glow to indicate a new tab was made
  • Selected tab text bold

Bug Fixes

  • Session not saved on occasion, showed about:blank instead
  • Sometimes crashed on start (caused by checking for upgrade purchase)
  • Smarter favicon tab images

What to Expect in the Next Update

  • Ultra fast option – this will disable all non-essential features such as history writing and session saving, which will speed up your browsing experience
  • Sliding animation in the tab menu instead of a fading animation
  • Night mode
  • Anonymous browsing
  • More in-depth speed dial customization

SFB Update SFB

Many new features, improvements and changes!


  • Tabs that you did not close, now stay open if you exit the app so that you don’t lose your session
  • Tab text size reduced slightly and restricted to only one line
  • Tabs now show the title of the tab’s content instead of a shortened version of the URL

Improved Fullscreen Video

  • Faster
  • Status bar and other on-screen controls hidden now
  • Landscape orientation by default

Improved the progress bar

  • Overall progress takes redirects into account
  • Only disappears when it has completely finished loading (redirects included)


  • Changed progress bar and pull-to-refresh colors to fit the app’s current color scheme
  • Overflow menu option “Give a rating!” now hides to users that have placed a rating
  • Greatly improved the efficiency of writing history

Bug Fixes

  • Pull-to-refresh thinking its at the top of the page (where pull to refresh is then enabled) even when it’s not.
    • (For nerds) This only occured on webpages with sticky headers (such as Google News and Reddit) This was because the browser cannot track every single scroll contained, it was tracking the sticky header’s scroll container and because that was stuck, it thought the whole webpage was also at the top.