SFB Update and Whats to Come

Whats New New menu that shows when holding on links Even more language support. Check if your favoured language was added here:¬†https://aesirapps.com/sfb-faq/ Changed how users open the app from external links Improved the page that shows when there is no internet connection Improved how tab text is set Changed the Read more…

Fight for Net Neutrality

Although the 12th was the main day for everyone to send emails to the FCC and Congress, you can still show your support for net neutrality via https://www.battleforthenet.com/ I implore you to do so, it’s incredibly important and will effect all of us whether you’re in the USA or not.

SFB Update SFB

Many new features, improvements and changes! Tabs Tabs that you did not close, now stay open if you exit the app so that you don’t lose your session Tab text size reduced slightly and restricted to only one line Tabs now show the title of the tab’s content instead of Read more…


Bug fixes Fixed the top address bar rarely thinking singular words are URLs Fixed history writing Fixed file uploading Changes Added shade behind all popup menus for all Android Lollipop devices and below